Mindful and Body is a holistic mindfulness, self care and community care practice focused on making mental health care trauma-informed, embodied and accessible.

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On Demand E-Courses

Our newest e-course A Mindful Approach to Social Media is now available on demand.

We’re familiar with some of the ways that Instagram can contribute to our lack of wellbeing, to our distress, to our feelings of low self worth, to our anxiety, to our imposter syndrome, to our perfectionism. We’ve long witnessed social media’s effect on our nervous systems, attention spans, sense of self, relationships and lifestyles. The list goes on.

To be mindful about something is simply to exist in full awareness of it. Having A Mindful Approach to Social Media is a self paced course to help you become more conscious about what these platforms evoke in us, so we can navigate them in ways that best match what matters to us.

10 Ways to Think About Gratitude is a five part, self paced, written online course available on demand. 

Unlike many gratitude courses, 10 Ways doesn’t simply tell you to keep a gratitude journal. Instead it introduces ideas about what gratitude can be, so it become part of your daily routine. That’s when gratitude can become a resource to build resilience and to really enrich your life, and improve your overall wellbeing, health and happiness. Gratitude won’t make all your problems disappear but it will help you navigate them with more ease, helping you become less stressed and more joyful in the process. 

Mindful Eating is a four part, self paced, written online course available on demand.

Our relationships with food determine so much about our lives: our energy levels and wellbeing, our schedules, our self acceptance and our interactions with others. Food can bring us joy, nourish us, delight our tastebuds and connect our communities. So why is our relationship to it so stressful?

Not a fitness regime, nor a diet, or advice about how to lose weight quicker. More awareness, less rumination. Mindful Eating connects eating with attention and will encourage you to observe and think independently about food and what exactly it means for you, so you can reestablish a kinder, more pleasurable and more sustainable relationship with one of life’s essential needs.

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