Asking for a Friend: Our Agony Aunt column

in The Irregular Times

ICYMI, we have an advice column!

My dream job as a teenager was to be an agony aunt. To glimpse into people’s worlds and offer up advice in the pages of a magazine or newspaper. This year the wonderful folks who launched India’s first art and design newspaper The Irregular Times invited me to be their mental health writer and made my dreams come true.

And it may just be the most beautiful advice column in the world — the TIRT team commissioned the talented artist Shailee Mehta to create the artwork for the piece.

As a holistic trauma-informed, presence-oriented, person-centred, community care facilitator (say that twice for good luck), I hope the column provides answers, yes, but more importantly, meaningful insights, that tap into one’s inner wisdom and wholeness.

The second issue of The Irregular Times will be out soon, so it’s time to ask your questions “for a friend” again. All contributions will be anonymous.

Every time my partner and I fight, I want to break up, then I regret it. How can I stop this?

Is it bad that I want to stay in lockdown forever? I don’t want normal.

I’m a bisexual woman but I constantly feel my identity is erased or minimised in my relationship with a straight man. What do I do?

How can I communicate my needs within a friendship where I am always being accused for being too dramatic?

Hit reply to this email, or email with the subject line Asking For A Friend or DM your question by 20th August, and we’ll pick some to answer in the next issue of The Irregular Times.

Thank you to the folks at TIRT for continuing to make space for a mental health conversation, and all of you who asked questions or purchased a copy!

If you haven’t got yours, you can purchase a copy on The Irregular Times website and follow @theirregulartimes on Instagram for updates on future issues. Have a glimpse through here!

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