A Day Without Socials

Mindful and Body are doing an experiment and we are inviting anybody interested to participate! We are looking for volunteers to take one day off social media this June and tell us about it!

All you have to do is turn off notifications and log out of your accounts, or delete your apps, for a minimum of 24 continuous hours. You get to decide the start and end times.

After your day off socials, write in to us and we’ll send you a questionnaire or two to fill about your experience. Anybody who sends us a fully filled out response will get a voucher for INR 500/ $5 off any of our e-courses — ongoing, or those upcoming, if they would like one.

Please pass this on to anybody who might like to be a part of this project.

We are also offering five hundred free copies of our next guide/course to having a happier relationship with social media. Hit reply to this email to sign up, or forward this email to friends who might be interested.

Artwork by Mindful and Body for Passcode Please.