Why Play?

Whiteboard from OkCredit workshop

Play lights up our brains, improves our mood and connects us to our bodies and the world. Play fuels our imagination, improves our problem solving abilities, enhances our creativity and promotes a sense of wellbeing.

Play allows us to laugh, to relax, to rest, to feel safe and to foster trust, closeness, empathy and trust with others. Play makes us adaptable and resilient, lowers stress and relieves pain. Play helps us connect with our inner child and let go of perfection and pressure.

But most of all, play is fun.

We don't even need it to be good for us to enjoy it. We can do it just because!

Image from participant Shreya Josh

Here are some fun ways to play using art — alone or with friends:

  • Draw to music

Think of your hand as an extension of your body and dance on the paper to your favourite song. The more we connect to the body, the less we worry and overthink!

  • Use the non-dominant hand to draw

Draw somebody's portrait using the hand you don't normally use to write. Using the non-dominant hand makes us more focused and mindful, slows us down and stimulates the brain's cognitive functions.

  • Improve lateral thinking

Draw a random shape with your eyes closed. Then open your eyes and try to think of a way to turn that shape into an object, animal or landscape! By creating something new and unusual out of the shape, we improve our ability to see things in a new way — making us better at problem solving!

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