Are you a perfectionist?

Meet your inner critic at our latest workshop with BecauseYOU

Source: Comics for Beginners

Are you a perfectionist? Do you pride yourself on working the hardest, doing the most, and never giving up until every detail is to your satisfaction? 

Or do you have imposter syndrome? Never feeling like you’re up to par and worrying that you’ll be found out?

Do you often play comparison? Always using your peers as the benchmark for excellence and grappling with feelings of guilt and inadequacy. 

Meet your inner critic. 

They’re the voice within that judges, belittles, and dismisses you, your work and your worth, choosing to amplify only your fears and flaws. Never allowing you to feel good enough, no matter what.

But who is the inner critic? Where did they come from and how can we get to know them?

Through self compassion.

Self compassion allows us to begin to befriend the inner critic, so we can befriend ourselves. Self compassion allows us to reveal the inner nurturer — the gentle wisdom within that allows us ease of being, the memory of our wholeness and self worth regardless of external achievements. Self compassion boosts our wellbeing, allowing us to live more in the present, lowering stress and improving our self acceptance, self belief and self confidence. 

Join our workshop on the Perfectionism and the Inner Critic with BecauseYOU on September 4 at 12pm IST to explore the messages we receive from our inner critic and learn ways to practise self compassion. There are just four seats left. Sign up here.

On BecauseYOU’s Essentials Program

BecauseYOU are a mental health social enterprise that design and offer holistic group programs and workshops. I attended the last cohort of their five week core community program Essentials and was struck by the gentleness, variety, excellent facilitation and overall focus on wholeness.

I’m happy to announce I will be joining them as a co-facilitator for the next cohort which begins Sept 11th and continues for five Saturdays. Here are the themes for each session.

Session 1 - Connecting with self and each other

Session 2 - Deepening resilience - parts of us that help and support us

Session 3 - Exploring uncomfortable thoughts or feelings

Session 4 - Learning to nurture ourselves

Session 5 - Practices focused at deepening community connection and support

The upcoming Essentials program also has four spots remaining. Sign up here for a free consulting call to learn more.